Study Shack

Study Shack is a tutoring center based in Beirut, Lebanon and was founded to assist students in their areas of need. Study Shack consists of a community of educators that aim to maximize each student’s potential through personalized and collaborative learning methods. Working alongside a dedicated team of brilliant educators, our aim is to build a learning community that focuses on high-quality academic support to guide students to maximize their utmost potential. Our identity emphasizes core values such as honesty, collaboration, devotion, and community.

At Study Shack, we offer a variety of academic services that are accessible through various platforms in pursuit of differentiated quality and value in serving students needs.

HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS: IB and American Systems
Transitioning from high school into college can be a very stressful time for a student. Study Shack offers services that provide academic support in all subject areas from highly-qualified professionals. We assist students with challenges, essay development tasks, and exam preparations. In addition, we provide you with the best quality of tutors that prepare you for college, with services such as SAT Prep and university application assistance.

University Students
It is evident that there lays a gap in the education sector when it comes to providing students with academic assistance and support at the university level. At Study Shack, we aim to work closely with university students with any challenges they face in the classroom in order to bridge this gap. We provide services such as essay writing workshops, revision, and preparation for examinations and guidance through projects so that you can be fully prepared for any challenges you might face.

Writing Center
At Study Shack, our aim is to simplify the struggles students face in structuring, organizing and brainstorming ideas for essays and projects. Our writing center provides students with the best tutors that can enhance both your written and verbal skills in English, Arabic, and French. In addition, we provide workshops that can help you prepare for job interviews and CV and cover letter writing.